When I hear someone say “food”

When my best friend wants to introduce me to her new friends


When the doorbell rings & I’m not expecting anybody


Normal people:


Jibber Jabber from a Jim Jam Jabberwocky: What Good Is Money If You Can't Buy Love?


All the roses have fled
leaving an empty space in my bed
where I once sought satisfaction
it’s now a place that I dread, and
What good is money if you can’t buy love?

Honey what was it that I said
you know sometimes I lose my head
‘cause this world is full of distractions
that lead me to see…

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She Wanted Storms: Do not kiss him


Do not kiss him because he is broken,
he will not save you.
When you cannot sleep
because you have been thinking of him
do not text him, call him, look at his Facebook –
get up, take a walk, smoke a cigarette, live.
He is not your everything, he is broken
and broken people are selfish.

asymmetries: To an old lover.


I watched you dance
through films over eyes
that are something like mosquito nets
drawn around queen beds, and nothing like
what love should feel like. I imagined being in love
should taste like summer or chai or chapstick or jazz.

You’d forgotten that through screens
you can see the vague…

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Tumultuous Tea Time Trinkets: Weatherwoman


You want me to experience life — live to the fullest, yet never know strife;
You’re an oxymoron and almost too much for me.
I’d rather say your blue is my orange than your black is my white —
I think day is the same as night, but it’s sunsets and rainfalls
Where difference means life.

You’re the…

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Writing Out Loud: Things That People in This Coffee Shop Don't Even Notice


The girl sitting at the table
across from me. She has a book
opened up in front of her.
She hasn’t turned a page
in about thirty minutes. She just keeps
looking at her phone then at the door
then back to her phone.
I wonder who is she waiting for.

The name of the man, who is by…